Folding Knives

     After making fixed blades for a few years, my interest turned to folders. I've always liked folders as they have one advantage over fixed blades. Mainly, you can carry them in your pocket!

I have R.B. Johnson to thank for showing me how to make them; first lock-backs, and then my favorite... the liner lock. R.B.'s generosity, first with his time and secondly with his knowledge, saved me years of trial and error.

I've since learned a few tricks of my own which I now incorporate into my work. I strive to make a solidly built knife which functions flawlessly first, and then try to make it attractive. Most of my folders are my own versions of classic shaped jack knives, but converted to a liner lock configuration. I try to keep the shapes simple and functional without unnecessary curves, points or twists to the handle. I never get tired of traditional shapes.

The models shown here represent a few of my favorites; please view the Gallery for additional shapes I offer or have made in the past.

Large Wharncliffe Small Wharncliffe Persian Drop Point
Pukko Scandie Model 1 Polito Stileeto Sow Belly